The Model 40    
And other Dubuque built Tractors of the 50's

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The Dogs

The dogs are John Harley and Magnolia Rose.  Harley is the oldest and is 7 and Maggie is 2.

Here they are helping with the corn crop.  Harley is on the left.  




The family came for Thanksgiving. 

 Inlaws  Outlaws

New Member of the Family. 

 Chet, Dick and Willie  Carl feeding Dick and Chettu
 Carl came for a visit. Willie and Carl entertain Chettu  Willie with her broken arm and one of the plow horses at Gaffney Plow Days
 Sweety in her mama's arms  This is Willie and Jeb. Jeb isn't mine but belongs to a fellow JD collector. Very smart dog.
 Our house at Christmas 2007  The 40W all decked out
 Willie gets a new bowl for Christmas!  Open


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