The Model 40    
And other Dubuque built Tractors of the 50's

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Toccoa, GA March 2005

Here is a rare 1958 420W LP tractor.  It was one of 53 built in this configuration.  They burned propane as fuel.  This one is owned by Kenneth Willbanks. This tractor was very well restored. Note the sliver painted spinout rims on the rear.  While the stainless exhaust isn't factory original, it's a nice touch.
 A 1954 40S with spinouts on the rear.  The rear view of the 40S three point with a PTO guard in place.

Other John Deere tractors
 A 1930 GP Rowcrop on cutoffs.  Owner by Greg Coker of Tocca, GA. This is a wonderful tractor.  It is a 1937 John Deere BWN.  It's one of only 28 manufactured and could be one of a half dozen still in existence.  As you can tell, still in original paint for the most part.  Owned by Hyler Bracey, Tayorsville, GA.


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